Van Helsing III is Out Now on Steam!

Van Helsing III - Out Now FI

The final part of our beloved Van Helsing Trilogy is now released for PC and Mac. It is a big moment for us all (so we’ll be off soon and have some drinks with the team). We hope you’ll enjoy the last episode of these incredible adventures too just as much as we enjoyed creating […]

Van Helsing III is coming this week!

Van Helsing III - Coming to Steam on May 22, 2015

We do hope everyone is ready to continue Van Helsing’s adventures as the final episode is coming this Friday, May 22, 2015! Just like the last adventure (and the adventure before it – if I might add), all adventures start on May 22. This is just as obvious as 42, the answer to the Ultimate […]

Van Helsing III on Steam!

Van Helsing III Featured Image

  The Van Helsing III Steam page is now up and live! Go and explore it 😉 About the game: In Van Helsing III, the civil war is over in Borgovia, but the future looks grim. The city of weird science is in ruins, squabbling factions and criminals fight for power and a strange cult […]

New Classes in Van Helsing III #2

Van Helsing III Classes 2 FI

You might already know that Van Helsing III will came with 6 brand new classes this May to Steam. In an earlier post we talked about the Phlogistoneer and the Umbralist. Today we’ll introduce two new classes to you, the Protector and the Elementalist. The Elementalist masters the arcane arts and can tap into the […]

Van Helsing III coming this May

It’s official now: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III is coming this May. The third and final story chapter to the trilogy will have six brand new character classes and dozens of new scientifically altered characters to confront and destroy. Let me introduce to you:     A few words from our narrative designer […]

Deathtrap Launched on Steam!

Deathtrap Out on Steam FI

Heya heya heya hey all! Finally Deathtrap came out of Early Access and launched on steam at its full pride and glory! It’s also 10% OFF, just to make your day even better – so now you can get ready to venture beyond the veil of this world, where a chain of strongholds were once […]

Your Friend Becomes the Enemy in Deathtrap

Deathtrap PvP Feature Guide FI

Be clever, be quick – and learn how to PvP! Hey Folks, Defenders of the lost strongholds! Today we’re getting a closer look at the Versus mode in Deathtrap – where your friends become your enemies. Immense invasion, deadly decisions, a cruel competition: play Deathtrap in Versus mode against your buddy! The time has come when […]

Release date for Deathtrap is here!

Be ready to stop the hordes in the Van Helsing spin-off tower-defense title when it launches on Steam Deathtrap, a tower-defense / action RPG hybrid is currently available as a Steam Early Access title and will be fully released on February 4th, 2015 for $19.99 through Steam. Build lots of traps? Check! Slash, shoot, freeze, […]

You can play Deathtrap in a week!

Deathtrap Early Access

We have great news for you All! Next week, on 22nd October, Deathtrap will come to Steam on as an Early Access Game with many exciting features you’ve been longing to see in this genre. Choose from three game modes (PvP, Single Player and Cooperative Campaign), create your own maps and monsters, share them with […]

Van Helsing II: Complete Pack Out Now on Steam!

Van Helsing II - Complete Pack 400x250

Hey Folks! Autumn just arrived at our doorsteps and with it the best time has come to lock ourselves into our rooms and play games. Gear up your hero, slay monsters, protect the innocent, quarrel with your charming companion, who happens to be a ghost, by the way… And guess what! You can do it […]

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