Decorating a Christmas Tree at NeocoreGames

Brace yourselves. Something seems wrong. Let’s investigate. The Inquisition doesn’t tolerate unsolved mysteries. Well, look here! What’s this? The sign of Chaos has appeared in our home! On a tree! This is serious. But rest assured, it’s just a clever way to communicate and encrypt briefings for the purging to come. This is an undercover mission. […]

Huge Holiday Giveaway!

Hey Folks, We’re feeling the holiday spitit so much we have to do something nice for you. For example a Huge Holiday Giveaway. Keep an eye on our facebook (both Deathrap and Van Helsing) and on our Twitter (both Deathtrap and Van Helsing) and just do what you have to do. You might put your […]

Casual Friday #23 – Getting Festive!

Hey Folks! Guess you all know there are only 13 more sleeps ’til Christmas! Of course we’re excited and we had to get a Christmas tree in the office. Also our office is right in the heart of the capital city where the Christmas fair takes place obviously… We decorated our tree today because what else […]

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