How to redeem Final Cut if you own the trilogy?

On Steam: Login with your Steam account at NeocoreGames Redeem. Then you will be redirected to our redeem page where you instantly get an activation code for the game. You can also send this code to your email account. Once you have your code you can go to steam store and activate it as you’d activate any game (in the upper menu select Games > Activate a Product on Steam > then follow the instructions).

You have to change your account settings to public from private on Steam.

If Steam says that your key is a “duplicate” here’s what you need to do:
write an email to with your Steam id (numbers) in the subject, add a screenshot of the “duplicate key” (as proof) plus the key that wasn’t working.

If your key is invisible try to refresh the page. It should work.

On GoG: This will be released at a later date, and GoG will activate it automatically. If waiting more isn’t an option, look up your receipts from your purchases of the Van Helsing games, and write a request at

With a mixed bag: You’re so complicated! But we’re okay with that! Just drop by at


If you have any additional concerns, suggestions or you have experienced in game bugs feel free to contact us:


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