Happy New Year, Hunters and Acolytes!

The first week of the new year has passed, so by now hopefully everybody has returned from their long winter slumber to the realspace (we certainly have)! Now it’s time to thank you for your good wishes during the Holiday Season, as well for your love and support during 2016! It was an intense year, and we were busy too – even though we haven’t release a new title.



We were hard at work making Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr, pushing the limits of the ARPG genre, and pushing the limits of our engine, working with new rendering techniques, creating new environments, and so on. It’s shaping up to be something amazing, and we’re eager to hear your opinions this year!


The narrative background is also getting some original materials, as at the end of the year we released the first free eBook in The Caligari Archivum series, and we’re ready to release more in the following weeks! Until then, download the first episode of „Above and Beyond” by Áron Németh from the Black Library for free!


Also, in 2016 we got more confident at porting games to consoles, better with each new release: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II was released on Xbox One, with its DLCs, and later an Extended Edition. At the end of the year, World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap was also released, to be lined up in the January Games with Gold package. We’re really happy with the reception, players have tons of fun with the co-op, we’re receiving good feedback, and we’re seeing some sceptics  of the tower defense genre getting hooked in the fast paced action, which is amazing. We suggest you try it if you haven’t, this month it’s free, and we’re really proud of the port. Also, it’s a really fun game!


While working on the third Van Helsing game to be released on Xbox One, we’re coming to PlayStation 4 soon as well this year with the first in the trilogy, and we’re paying good attention to the capabilities of the DualShock 4 controller and the Vita remote play function (and there’s a Platinum trophy)! Also we lined up the sequels and Deathtrap to be ported on the PlayStation 4, so hopefully, within a reasonable timeframe, the entire franchise will be available on three platforms!


With all this new experience with the two consoles, we’re hoping that Inquisitor – Martyr will be an excellent experience on PS4 and Xbox One as well!

So, another busy year ahead, and there will be much more to talk about, so check back for more news and updates!