Enter the World of Van Helsing – Deathtrap has been released on Xbox One! The spinoff to The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is launching in the January set of games on Games with Gold, and it will be a treat for anyone who appreciated our Van Helsing games.


Deathtrap is an Action-RPG / Tower Defense hybrid that manages to bring together the fast paced action, leveling and looting gameplay of the former, and the tactical depth of the latter.

Set traps and build towers to stop the creatures of the Ink from advancing towards the gates to our world, while giving them hell personally with your character as well. A tense, rewarding game that provides new challenges at every new wave!


The Xbox One version is optimized for the controller input, it has multiple languages and multiplayer modes as well. Also, introducing a new type of items (“Ancient“). Grab it for free if you’re a member of Games with Gold, and tell your friends about it as well! It’s a lot of fun playing the game in co-op and competitive multiplayer!



If you want to hear more updates on Deathtrap, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or visit our forums! We encourage you to leave feedback, and if you’re having problems, write a detailed letter to xboxsupport@neocoregames.com, we’ll listen!