So, it’s here! The Minion Cards feature has been added to World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap on Xbox One!  The first content update also fixes some problems according to your feedback. Take note, more updates are coming with more exciting gameplay improvements, just let us know what you’d like to see!

EDIT: There’s a known issue with unlocking Minion Card gifts that were supposed to unlock simply by owning the Van Helsing games. This will be fixed in the next patch in a few days!

Major changes and fixes

  • Added the Minion Cards feature
  • Finishing low level maps with higher level characters is awarded now with some XP (instead of nothing)
  • Added a new camera mode (Dynamic Camera), enabled by default, but can be switched off in the Options menu
  • “My Friends” filter has been added in leaderboards
  • “Ready” / “Not ready” button was added to the campaign map in cooperative mode for the clients
  • Fixed a bug that caused black screen upon opening the leaderboard through the zoom-in / fade in animation, after starting a new game.
  • Fixed some achievements which only unlocked on the Tier 4 maps instead of Tier 2 maps (as was stated in the achievement description)

Minor bug fixes

  • As a safety measure, from now the player needs to press and hold the corresponding button to delete or overwrite the character
  • Several text corrections in all localizations
  • Fixed the names of the Epic items in the Hungarian localization
  • Added footstep sounds for the heroes
  • My Rank filter works fine in the leaderboard
  • The trap cooldown enchants now work correctly
  • Added the mana cost description and changed the icon for the Disintegration Ray skill for the Sorceress
  • Added new artifacts
  • Minor performance improvements


If you want to hear more updates on Deathtrap, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or visit our forums! We encourage you to leave feedback, and if you’re having problems, write a detailed letter to, we’ll listen!